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Homie Razavi, PhD

Homie Razavi, PhD

By In On September 4, 2020

Homie Razavi PhD is the managing director of the CDA Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to hepatitis elimination.  Homie led a team that was first to publish the feasibility of hepatitis elimination, brought down the global HCV prevalence from 185 to 71 million, ran the analyses for UNITAID before their decision to fund hepatitis HIV co-infection studies, ran the analyses for the Medicine Patent Pool before their decision to expand to hepatitis, ran the analyses for Gavi before their board’s decision to support HBV birth dose vaccination, and started the Polaris Observatory.  He is currently working on making hepatitis elimination feasible through innovative financing mechanisms.

He has a broad background, which includes basic research, business development, commercial development, portfolio management, and decision analysis. He is a fellow in the Society of Decision Professionals and a member of AASLD and EASL.  He is also a member of the World Hepatitis Alliance (WHA) and the CDA Foundation board of directors.  He has co-authored over 70 peered reviewed publications on hepatitis and is a frequent speaker on the subject.