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Speaker Presentations

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Copies of speaker presentations are available to view as PDF documents. Use the hyperlinks below to view the presentation. Where there is no link, we are awaiting permission from the speaker to share their presentation.

DAY 1: 14 October 2010

Session I

M. van de Laar – Epidemiology and surveillance…

L. Wiessing – Injecting drug users in Europe…

Session II

G. Dusheiko – Complications and morbidity of viral hepatitis

J. Bruix – Liver cancer: the major complication of viral hepatitis

Session III

A. Zanetti – The worldwide impact of Hepatitis B vaccination

R. Martin – Vaccination programs in the European region: achievements and challenges

M. Carballo – Migrant populations: Barriers for prevention and care

M. Salminen – Screening programmes for hepatitis B and C in European populations

A. Lok – US Proposal to transform response to hepatitis B and C

Keynote speaker: Dr. Nedret Emiroglu, Director a.i., Division of Non-communicable Diseases & Health Promotion, WHO-Europe

Round Table

Scotland – D. Goldberg

Netherlands – I. Veldhuijzen

France – E Delarocque-Astagneau

Italy – D. Prati

DAY 2: 15 October 2010

Session IV

H. Janssen – Hepatitis B is treatable

H. Wedemeyer – Hepatitis C is curable

M. Thursz – Advanced liver diseases are treatable

M. Buti – Treatment is cost effective

G. Esmat – A nation programme for treating chronic HCV in Egypt

M. Cavalieri – The role of EMA and drug approvals for chronic HBV/HCV

Session V

C. Gore – Viral heptatis: A survey of European policies

N. Piorkowsky – Patient self-help in Europe: An ELPA survey

A. Peterie MEP – European intiatives to transform prevention and treatment of HBV and HCV

J. Ryan – EU Public Health Programme on Viral Hepatatis

A. Lönnroth – EU Research Programme on Viral Hepatitis

Dr. M Sprenger, Director ECDC

Dr. Attila Kovács, Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Hungary [presentation did not include slides]